François Fesenne

I'am a front-end developer, passionate about code, technician electrician at the base, an amateur photographer, and diligent continuous learning.
I'm 49 years old, 2 children, I'm an electrician by trade and I live in Bourg-en-Bresse, near Lyon (France),


I'm passionate about web development, I like to make animations in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript with the latest Web-tools, I like to make small sites with Jekyll, React.js or Vue.js, I had the opportunity to use the PHP language on a particular site, and I learn about WordPress to write these few lines. currently,

I'm a online course called e-learning or Moocs on the site Fun Mooc and OpenClassRoom to learn new things (programming language, objects, connect, web interface, artificial intelligence, semantic web, etc.) to obtain certificates and make it my future profession in the framework of a professional reconversion.


I'm writing, as a lover of the code and graphical user interfaces. I consider myself as a self-taught with the desire to learn and stayed informed on new technologies.

During my free time, I like to do photography, I like to develop my photos, given them a look and currently I'm interested in the video.

In short, I'm passionate about the image. The graphics where I designed posters, card visits or posters for non-profit associations. This site, I would like some feedback with useful links that my often rendered service to learn and understand the world of the web, photography and the connected objects of tomorrow.